International Job/Internship Search

Interested in moving your job search to the international scale? Want to know what to prepare for when applying for jobs in different countries? Start here and check out these tips and resources to assist in your worldwide career exploration!

Resources for Searching for Jobs Internationally

Searching for jobs across the globe can be exciting, but also intimidating. Each country has its own expectations for resumes and curriculum vitaes, interviews, and overall expectations from applicants. It is important to do research on where exactly you want to relocate to, before deciding what jobs you want to search for. Check out some of the resources below to help you plan your job search and get to know the work culture of countries you are interested in. 10 Job Search Tips for International Job Seekers – From 10 Essential Tips for Landing a Job Overseas – From How to Apply for Jobs Abroad – From Country Information ( – Gather demographic information about countries of interest using the US Department of State Website

Creating a Curriculum Vitae for Your International Applications

Most countries outside of the United States prefer that you submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) over a Resume for your job application.  Although the documents have similarities, there are also a few key differences to note:

  • Resumes are limited to 1-2 pages maximum, a CV has no page limit
  • In the United States, a CV is mostly used to document experience and research for those looking to work in higher education and rigorous scientific positions, but in many other countries, a CV can be used for a variety of job-types.
  • CVs can vary greatly in formatting. Jobs in certain countries request that you provide a photo of yourself on your CV, whereas others do not.
Make sure you research each country’s expectations for your job application before applying and check out some more resources below! GENERAL TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED What is a Curriculum Vitae? Difference Between a CV and a Resume UCCS Curriculum Vitae Development Guide WRITING YOUR CV BY CONTINENT CV Expectations for European Countries CV Expectations for Asia Tips for Tailoring Your CV (By European Country + South Africa) If you need extra assistance in developing your Curriculum Vitae, please schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches and we can help!

General Search Engines for Worldwide Employment

Try out these search engines for international employment if you are unsure of what field you would like to go into, or are curious about employment opportunities in different countries. Indeed Worldwide

  • Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 300M unique visitors every month. Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.
  • Search for jobs by specific country with your Indeed profile, just make sure you have a browser translator!
  • If you are interested in working for government entities established in the U.S., but want to work outside the country, you can use USAJobs to apply for international work.
  • LinkedIn is not only a fantastic tool for your job search, but international networking as well.
  • Networking with people who work in countries you are interested in relocating to will help you learn more about what daily life will be like, along with what to expect from careers you might be interested in.
  • Robust advanced search options allow users to search by company, industry and date of posting, in addition to conducting simultaneous multiple keyword searches.
  • Job searches can be expanded to include listings posted in the local language, in addition to English – great for native speakers and expatriates!
  • Specialized “Remote Jobs” search filter focuses search results on virtual and remote opportunities.
  • Users can create MyGoinGlobal personal accounts to save job searches, bookmark opportunities of interest, and receive notifications each time a new listing matching their search criteria is posted.
  • features jobs for an international career and other overseas or international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers. Search for international and overseas jobs worldwide
Idealist – Use Idealist to search for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and organizational positions worldwide. You can search for temporarily remote positions if you are looking to start work before you relocate!

Education/Teaching International Opportunities

Check out these programs if you are interested in teaching abroad or are wanting to find employment with your Bachelor of Arts degree! TeachAway

  • Use TeachAway as a resource for becoming an educator in different countries. You can obtain your TEFL and other certifications to prepare you for your teaching journey!
International School Association

ISA offers programs that can help schools participate in an international curriculum and other global programs such as Education for Peace and Education for Sustainablitliy. These programs assist schools and students to learn about International Understanding and International Mindedness.

  • With these programs schools and students develop the knowledge of understanding about the international community, appreciate different perspectives, learn how to communicate with others and share their values and beliefs.
Exchange Programs Through Department of State
  • Find exchange programs through the US Department of State for teaching, research, writing/journalism/filmmaking, visual and performing arts, government, and athletics.
Fullbright Scholars
  • Each year roughly 900 faculty and professionals from around the world receive Fulbright Scholar grants for advanced research and university lecturing in the United States. Individual grants are available to scholars from over 100 countries. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements apply for grants through the Fulbright Commission/Foundation or public affairs section of the U.S. embassy in their home countries. After a thorough selection process in the home country, final approval for awards is issued by the presidentially appointed Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB) in the United States.  Exchanges range in length from three to twelve months.
  • Leading online search engine for international travel programs, thousands of program opportunities with real life participant reviews, to expert travel articles and scholarships.
  • International opportunities include general careers, volunteering, teaching, gap year experiences, and earning certifications. There are online opportunities as well!

International Programs for Conservation and Humanities

Interested in conservation and sustainability? Do you have a passion for helping others in the medical field? Check out these programs below. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

  • WWOOF facilitates exchanges around sustainable living and organic agriculture in pursuit of living in harmony with nature. WWOOF provides a way for people to learn about organic food, farming, and culture. In doing so it brings together people who share similar values and philosophies. WWOOF aims to provide helping hands to its hosts and at the same time allows visitors to learn what it means to grow one’s own food sustainably.
  • WWOOF’s goal is to provide individuals from all around the world the opportunity to gain practical skills in organic farming and gardening, experience rural living while sharing in the everyday life of your host, further the organic and sustainability movement, and participate in a cultural exchange
Conservation Careers
  • Search for international jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities with conservation non-profits, government agencies, and more. Focused on natural sciences, business and sustainability.
  • Access to webinars, blogs, and other career resources
Red Cross
  • Search for international career opportunities in the medical field, disaster relief, fundraising, training, armed services, and more.
Peace Corps
  • Join the Peace Corps in international careers across a variety of departments including agriculture, community, economic development, environment, health, and youth development

International Opportunities for Tech/Engineering/Business

Check out these international companies if you are interested in tech, engineering, business, marketing, human resources, and a variety of other fields. Google

  • Work for Google with a variety of career departments: Engineering and technology, marketing and communications, business strategy, legal, sales and service, design, and finance are all options for you to explore on your international journey
  • Apple provides a wide array of industries to consider for your international career: Machine learning and AI, hardware, software services, design, operations and supply chain, marketing, corporate functions, retail, and many more!
JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co is a global investment company with career opportunities in asset and wealth management, commercial banking, consumer and community banking, corporate and investment banking, corporate functions, and technology.
  • Each business sector offers more specific positions open to those interested in the financial sector!
  • Citigroup offers international business career opportunities for those already in the workforce, as well as programs for students and recent graduates!
Royal Dutch Shell
  • Shell offers a variety of international careers in a wide sector of experience. For those interested environmental sustainability in the hard sciences, check out some opportunities listed below:
  • Career paths for Engineers: General Engineering, Production Engineering, Process Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Operations & Maintenance
  • Career Paths for Business and Communications: Communications, Sales & Marketing, Commercial & Retail, Customer Operations, Trading, Operations & Maintenance, Trading Analysts/Operations, Accounting, Banking, Risk Management, and more.
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
  • Berkshire Hathaway Energy aims to provide sustainable energy solutions helps us deliver affordable, safe and reliable service each day to more than 12 million electric and natural gas customers and end-users throughout the U.S., Great Britain and Alberta, Canada. They offer a variety of career paths for graduates and special hiring opportunities for veterans.
Toyota Motor Corp and Volkswagen AG
  • Toyota and Volkswagen provide global career opportunities for engineers, business and marketing enthusiasts, as well as those interested in technology development.

International Opportunities for the Pre-Health Field

Interested in working abroad as someone in the medical field? Check out these resources and opportunities to broaden your search (and your knowledge). What to know before starting your international career exploration: A handful of countries accept American medical credentials and training. Typically, they require the physician to have attended an allopathic or osteopathic school recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools and to have board certification through the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). This results in a more direct medical registration/licensure process, often without additional medical exams. Check out this list of countries that allow American physicians practice medicine abroad. Check out this blog for requirements and benefits in working abroad with your healthcare degree. If you need assistance with your pre-health career exploration, job applications, or navigating the pre-health education process, please contact our amazing Pre-Health Career Coach, Sarah Fillman for assistance. You can sign up for an appointment with her on Starfish here. If you are a UCCS Alumni, email us at to schedule an appointment. JOB BOARDS Global Health Jobs and Opportunities Through the CDC Medicine Jobs Through GoAbroad Healthcare Jobs Through the UN Atlantis Medical Shadowing Global Medical Brigades

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