At the UCCS Career & Innovation Center, we understand that international students navigate many transitions in coming to UCCS. Moving to a new country and understanding U.S. academic and work culture can be a big shift from what you are used to. We are here to be a resource in helping international students understand and navigate available opportunities.

International students at a semester kickoff event. (Photo by Chuck Bigger)

Topics we can help international students with include: 

  1. Exploring careers in your field of interest 
  2. Preparing for career fairs and networking in your field 
  3. Practicing for interviews (Learn when to disclose status in the job search process) 
  4. Reviewing resumes, CVs, and cover letters (Learn what information is acceptable to include) 
  5. Finding internships, on-campus work and jobs in the United States or abroad  
  6. Applying to graduate or professional schools  

In collaboration with the UCCS International Affairs office, we aim to advocate for and support international students and scholars on campus.  Please email the International Affairs Office at with questions regarding maintaining your visa status, obtaining U.S. employment authorization, advising related to your status and OPT/CPT questions.


Career Center Support

Explore our website and if you want to learn more, schedule an appointment with one of our coaches or attend one of our many career events. 

Job and Internship Search Resources

As you conduct your job search avoid scams and fraud activity by identifying fraudulent postings.

If you suspect a position or employer you encountered through Handshake is fraudulent, please contact  

Any questions that are meant to reveal your age, race, national origin, citizenship, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or arrest records are illegal. (See guide on how to respond)

Please make an appointment with the International Affairs Office to discuss your options based on your status.  

You can supplement your experience by joining a student organization, volunteering, and more.  

There are opportunities for international students to intern and work in the U.S., but there can be many challenges.  The current reality (based on labor market conditions, competition, employer-regulations and government guidelines) is that a small percentage of international students will secure U.S. employment upon graduation. The information and resources below will help you navigate the job and internship search processes as an international student. 

Note that F-1 and J-1 are eligible for employment at UCCS, with a maximum of 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. All international students must email the International Affairs Office at before employment.  

Common questions include “Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?” and “Will you now or in the future require sponsorship?” F-1 students are legally authorized to work in the U.S. and some options include using CPT and/or OPT and will eventually require the employer to sponsor them if they are to remain working in the U.S. Please email the International Affairs Office at for more information on the off-campus employment approval process and options for F-1 and J-1 students.

 Off-Campus Employment Resources

  • Handshake – You can filter options by choosing “Work Authorization” and review job descriptions carefully for any information on sponsorship information.  
  • MyVisaJobs – Provides lists of employers who have sponsored visas in the past and other career information for international students. 
  • E-Verify – E-Verify is an online program run by the U.S. government that is used mostly by employers to check employee records and eligibility. Search for employers that provide work authorization and sponsorship. 
  • H-1B Employer Data Hub – allows you to download H-1B data for individual fiscal years. The CSV files give you the ability to conduct your own analyses of these data, including calculating approval and denial rates by employer, using the software of your choice. 
  • Diversity Jobs – Job seekers won’t apply for a job at a company lacking diversity. Diversity Jobs saves you a step because all companies featured are committed to diversity and inclusion. 
  • Grad Siren – Narrow your search parameters by indicating your level of work authorization.  
  • Teach USA –  Teach USA provides experienced international educators with the opportunity to explore a new educational and cultural environment through full-time teaching positions in the United States. 
  • Abroad Planet – Internships may be paid, summer, research, etc.; and many companies offer stipend, salary, bonus, or money to cover transportation and/or food costs. 
  • LinkedIn – the world’s largest online professional network with members in 200 countries. 
  • International Student Job Search Guide 
  • LinkedIn Group – International Students Seeking Employment in the U.S. 

Additional Resources Resources

  • International Student Admissions – The University of Colorado Colorado Springs values the talent, culture and contributions shared by our international faculty and students. f you are not a US citizen or you do not yet hold a US Permanent Resident status, you should apply to UCCS as an international student. 
  • International Affairs Office – Supports international students and scholars on campus, coordinates international collaborations, and provides international programming. 
  • Academic AdvisingSupports incoming and current students with developing an academic plan, course selection, transferring credits, auditing seniors’ coursework, and so much more. 
  • Excel Centers – A network of four centers, each offering a unique program of academic support and tutoring to help all UCCS students succeed in every aspect of their academic careers, including languages, mathematics, multiliteracy and science.  
  • Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center – Provides mental health services, health services, nutritional guidance, and educational programming that are collaborative, accessible and meet the needs of a diverse student population. 
  • Dean of Students Office – Maintains and administers the University Student Code of Conduct, serves as a student advocate, provides assistance to students in crisis, and supports students by directing services and programs that enhance students’ education and provide life-enriching experiences. 
  • Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness, and Community (MOSAIC) Advocates for the academic, personal, and social development of underrepresented students at UCCS. The office is located in University Center. 
  • The LGBT Resource Center at MOSAIC – Provides resources and information to LGBT+ students, advocate for LGBT+ interests throughout campus, conduct outreach and education, and ensure LGBT+ voices are represented among the campus at large. To contact the LGBT+ Resource Center, call (719) 255-3447 or email
  • Disability Resources – Promote an equitable and inclusive experience by providing reasonable accommodations for students and advancing awareness and education within the campus community. 
  • Office of Institutional Equity – investigates allegations of discrimination, harassment and related retaliation based upon an individual’s Protected Class by faculty, staff, or students. Contact the Office of Institutional Equity to schedule an appointment at 719-255-4324 or by email at This office is located in Main Hall, room 201. 
  • Division of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion –  Committed to supporting UCCS to be a leading educational institution where all who attend, work and benefit from the campus are valued and respected. 

Harnessing International Experience for Career Success 

You offer all the stamina, perseverance and adaptability it has taken to earn a degree in a foreign country.  These are valuable assets that employers can appreciate. 

Character Traits and Interpersonal Skills 

What does international travel and experience say about you?  Many things!  You are adventurous, adaptable, self-reliant, independent, open-minded, experienced.  It doesn’t have to be career specific! 

  • Global Perspective – Gaining insight from seeing another part of the world allows you to see your own country in a different light.  This influences cultural sensitivity. 
  • Diverse Experiences – Diversity=Strength!  Understanding the value in diverse teams speaks to many employers by acknowledging that our differences create broader perspectives and understandings. 
  • Communication Skills – Language skills and abilities are a great skill to highlight in yourself and on your resume.  Also consider the skills attained in communicating through language barriers. 
  • Job Specific Skills -Travel experience can also promote budgeting skills, organizational skills, problem solving, and leadership. 

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