Mission Vision Values

The UCCS Career and Innovation Center strives to uphold our mission, vision, and values which are in line with the overarching goals of University of Colorado Colorado Springs.  Please also see the mission, vision and values of UCCS here: https://www.uccs.edu/mission

Career and Innovation Center Mission, Vision and Values


The UCCS Career and Innovation Center empowers all students and alumni to design their career journey through innovation.


Our vision is to collaboratively create a career centered campus culture that inspires all students and alumni to navigate lifelong career choices and live their best lives.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion– We celebrate students of all identities as we strive to help individuals feel confident in their career decision making journey. We promote open and honest dialogues about how to make ourselves, our services, and our staff more inclusive.

Student and Alumni Focus– We treat all students and alumni as individuals along their career journey and have them at the forefront of every decision.

Growth– We facilitate development through career conversations while scaling the innovative work we do as a Career Center.

Innovation– We encourage outside of the box, progressive, original thinking around career and life design.

Connection– Acting as a catalyst for transformation, we thoughtfully weave together our UCCS community with the workforce to build robust partnerships.

Optimism– With a “glass half-full” mentality to our work, we value approaching everyday interactions with open-mindedness and a positive perspective while celebrating success.