Hire Our Students


Hire Our Students

There are two job boards on campus:


Student Employment

Designed for undergraduate students looking for part time work while in school, and not requiring a bachelor's degree. Go to this link:
http://www.uccs.edu/~stuemp, to post jobs.

The Office of Student Employment, links students with employment opportunities that enhance their college education and transferable work skills while assisting them in paying for college. We act to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between the university, its students, and the community as a whole. We help connect students to employment opportunities. Thier office lists employment opportunities including the following job types:

  • Need-Based Work Study
  • Non-Need-Based Work Study
  • On-Campus Student Hourly Employment
  • Off-Campus Student Hourly


If you are not sure if a job fits, just call 719-255-3340 or email careers@uccs.edu. We are happy to help!