Success Story - Hannah Saunders

Success Story

Success Story - Hannah Saunders

Hannah Saunders photoCareer and Innovation Center Success Story: Hannah Saunders, Class of 2018

Hannah Saunders graduated from UCCS in December 2018 with BA in Communication with an emphasis on organization and strategic communications. She recently landed a job as a Communication and Development Assistant at Peak Military Care Network (PMCN) in Colorado Springs where she conducts outreach at community events and manages social media posts, a newsletter and a blog. She also assists in other areas too, such as grant-writing, event planning and fundraising. 

“My time at UCCS was the best. I learned a lot, had great professors and truly enjoyed working with real clients during my upper level comms classes. I also spent a great semester of study abroad in London, England,” she said. 

After graduation, Saunders spent several months continuing to work a few part time jobs while taking the time to figure out whether she wanted to go directly into graduate school or look for a job in her chosen career field of communications. Deciding on the latter, she then visited the Career Center in August 2019 where she worked with Career Services Specialist Janet Farley.

“I went there looking for insight and direction and I received it. It felt good to know that someone else was helping me look for those employment opportunities, too,” said Saunders. 

“I wouldn’t have been directly connected to PMCN, interviewed for and accepted this position without visiting the Career Center first and being networked to them,” said Saunders.

If you are graduating soon and will be looking for a new job, Saunders has some advice for you, too.

“Allow yourself time for discernment. Don’t be afraid to sit in discomfort about your career decisions and job search process. It’s just as important to know what you don’t want to do as it is to know what you do want to do,” she said.

Saunders also suggests you give yourself a break.

“If you start to compare yourself with everyone else and you think they’re doing so much better than you, realize they’re not. We’re all struggling to figure it out,” she said. 

And, we’ll add to that….visit the Career Center! Congratulations to Hannah on her new job and congratulations to PMCN for landing a UCCS graduate! 

Article written by Janet Farley, UCCS Career Center